FAQs: General

If your question is not answered below, please email hello@thecakerusa.com

Who is behind The Caker?

It's me, Jordan Rondel! You can read about my story HERE. Anouk my sister came on as a co-owner in 2015.

How old are you and what's your starsign?

I'm 33 and I'm an Aries.

What's Anouk's story?

When being a one woman band was getting a bit too much for me, Anouk was serendipitously growing tired of how prescribed her trajectory as a finance lawyer was inevitably going to be… so we joined forces and started to realise the entrepreneurial magic we created by working together and Anouk never looked back. We are completley joined at the hip, we are best friends.

How did you start The Caker?

I’ve known I wanted to have a career in food since I was a little kid, but there’s one moment that stands out quite clearly to me as the point in time I KNEW I wanted to be a professional baker. I was 19 and had gotten home from university, and as usual, went straight to the kitchen to bake a cake. This one was a caramelised banana upside-down cake, and when my dad ate it, he said “this is brilliant, and you should do something about it,” so that afternoon I set up my blog called “The Caker” and the rest is history.

Where did the name The Caker come from?

My French dad who still has some teething problems with English was trying to say "baker" and "cake" in the same sentence and it came out as "Caker." I knew instantly that was the name for my business.

What are your top cake baking tips?

  • -use top quality ingredients because they truly will make a difference to the end product
  • -don't overmix your dries because it can lead to a dry and tough crumb
  • -get to know your oven because every oven is very different so the bake time and temp written in a recipe shouldn't be followed to a tee. It takes a level of intuition to know if a cake is ready or not and familiarity with your oven is the first step

What are your top entrepreneurial tips?

  • -being an entrepeneur takes truck loads of resilience, passion, perseverence, and needless to say hard work
  • -scale slowly and cleverly, don't invest too much in the beginning and get good people by your side as soon as you can
  • -be genuine and authentic because this is what will always set you apart

How often do you release new cake kit flavors?

There A LOT involved in creating a new cake kit so they don't get released all the time, but recipes are always humming away in the back of my mind and I try to release something new at least once a year

How do I collaborate with you?

Please email me at jordan@thecaker.co.nz - I would love to hear from you!

Are you looking to hire?

It's always worth checking! If you want to enquire about a job please email hello@thecakerusa.com with your resume and cover letter.

Do you have an affiliate program in case I want to write about your products?

Yes we sure do. You can find the details via Shareasale!

Do you offer discounts for large corporate gifting orders?

We absolutely do. We can even make custom packaging for this purpose! Please email hello@thecakerusa.com for more info!

Do you have stockists?

Yes! For now, we’re focused on building a direct relationship with our community by selling online and in very select stores who order from us through Faire. We aren't planning on going into big retail spaces yet but we're open to the idea of being with bigger retailer / distributors down the track - if you want to discuss this with us, please email hello@thecakerusa.com.